Personalised Songs

What is a Personalised Song?


Do you have a story you would like to share in artistic fashion or a special person to share your feelings through song? Whether you wish to preserve a memory or eternalise your love for someone, a personalised song can be the most endearing gesture that you or a loved one will cherish for a lifetime. You convey to me what you want to say or express and I will dig deep into my creativity and authentically create a song for you to share with whoever you wish if not just to call it your own. Infused within your song will be my heart and soul, my musical personality and professionalism. I want to be proud of the song I hand over to you, so I will give it what I give my branded songs, I guarantee it;-)


  1. I will contact you to discuss your idea, vision, or story and decide what kind of song (mood, style ,instrumentation, format, etc.) you would like me to create. We can do this via an online video chat, in-person or by telephone. 
  1. After we have established the song idea and details, I go to work on writing and composing while sharing with you my progress until I have a rough draft sample of how the song is taking shape. 
  2. Then we can discuss any major changes that need to happen and to make certain it’s going in the right direction for you.
  3. the next step is me recording, mixing and mastering your song in my studio or my band’s studio
  4. Finally, I deliver to you a finished product i your preferred format and ready to share!


Do you imagine a more intimate solo acoustic song or a higher energy full band masterpiece?

I’ve included two price options in the payment section below to help you decide;-)

Option 1 – Solo Acoustic Song: Containing vocal and guitar and/or piano plus other instrumentation  (excluding drums).

Option 2 –  Full Band Song: Containing vocal and full band instrumentation (including drums).

Finished products include:

  • Final master file in either CD, Mp3, AIFF, WAV or other available formats
  • Printed and Hand Written Lyric Sheet signed.
  • A recorded live solo performance of your song just for you.
  • Songs are intended for personal use only;-)


The timeline will vary depending on what kind of song is created, though the general time from conception to finished song could take anywhere between 1 – 3 months. Writing and fully producing a top quality song can take an enormous amount of time, energy and/or resources, but you can rest assured that I will put my all into your project so we are both happy with the final product!

Your investment will give you a sincere piece of my heart and soul in your song, as it’s part of who I am as an artist and human being.

So, let’s do this..

I’m ready when you are!

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NOTE: Payment plans are also available. Please contact Troy for more details HERE 😉