“Through stories of survival, escape, redemption and regret, tunesmith Troy Petty pens lyrics that sting as well as soothe atop a flawless mix of Indie and polished alternative pop.” – Jim Hanke, Forest Bride PR

American singer-songwriter Troy Petty weaves captivating stories of survival, escape, redemption and regret into his poignant lyrics. His music crosses boundaries and seamlessly blends indie and alternative acoustic pop.

With a wealth of experience from touring extensively in the US and Europe, Petty is a seasoned performer who enchants audiences with his soulful narratives. His live shows are a testament to his artistry. They are characterized by innovative live looping techniques, effortlessly switching between solo acoustic intimacy and full band dynamics.

In May 2019, Petty unveiled his latest masterpiece “Director’s Cut” under the Dachshund Records banner. This album showcases his evolution as an artist and captivates listeners with its thought-provoking melodies and profound lyrics. The album was followed by his European ‘Directour’, which extended into the fall of 2020 and left audiences on both sides of the Atlantic wanting more.

Troy Petty is currently working in Germany on his next sonic masterpiece, which promises a new perspective and new musical horizons. For his loyal fans, he has released an exclusive limited edition live CD in the fall of 2023 that captures the essence of his captivating solo performances. Fans can also look forward to the release of his next studio LP in spring 2024. It promises another chapter in his musical journey that will undoubtedly leave an indelible mark on the indie and acoustic pop landscape.

an singer-songwriter Troy Petty. Petty’s lyrical confessions attempt to resolve the conflict of one’s own demons and angels. “Director’s Cut” travels the spectrum of Petty’s past and present influences from indie/alternative through acoustic and experimental pop. The Chicago native, now living in Columbus, joins three-time Grammy nominated drummer and producer, Ken Coomer, to record the full length album, due for release in May 2019 under German label Dachshund Records.

Petty’s previous accomplishments include the 2012 release, “Fairy Tale Pen” drawing perspectives from the artist’s childhood, and the 2017 breakthrough “Departures” documenting Petty’s resilience during times of personal and professional turbulence.

With a handful of US and European tours under his belt, Petty continues to shape his live sound via a live looping show through both solo and full band line-ups. Petty’s new LP “Director’s Cut” was released in May 2019 under the Dachshund Records label, followed by his European DirecTour that continues through late fall of 2020. Petty then returns to writing and recording new material for a 2021 release!